Baby Air Hockey at City Centre Sharjah

You don’t have to be all grown up to play air hockey – in fact, at Magic Planet some of our best air hockey players are our younger customers! We’ve made sure that tots who can’t quite reach the table of our amazing Storm Air Hockey table get their own, pint-sized version to play on.

Baby Air Hockey is absolutely adorable and is a traditional fully functional air hockey table, just scaled down a touch for little ones. Bright, colourful, and full of fun, it’s perfect for younger air hockey fans who want to hone their skills against their friends. The competitive nature of air hockey will have them jumping around the table to score points, so this is one arcade game that’ll get your little ones active as well as engaged!

We chose Baby Air Hockey from ICE because not only does it offer up some seriously good gameplay, but it’s tough enough to cope with the occasional tantrum too! LED lights mark the passage of the puck around the playfield, so it’s fun to see just how fast you can get those lights flashing. This is a great game for developing hand-eye coordination, as well as getting kids really engaged in a competitive game.

Air hockey has a reputation for being a fast and furious game, and Baby Air Hockey certainly lives up to that, with the puck floating at high speed from one end of the table to the other. Bumper pads around the table mean little ones are safe from flying pucks, but there’s no limitation on the level of gameplay even young children can achieve with this top quality table. If you love air hockey, and your kids are just getting into the sport, why not start them off (relatively!) slowly with a game of Baby Air Hockey? You never know – you could have a future world champion on your hands!

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