Luigi's Mansion at Burjuman

Poor old Luigi – he’s just not as nimble as his brother, is he? He’s also a bit of a fraidy-cat, so you can just imagine the shenanigans he’s getting up to in the haunted mansion! This fun arcade game takes one of the most lovable of all gaming characters, Luigi, and sends him off on a ghost-hunt through a spooky mansion. It isn’t long before the ghoulies and ghosties are popping out of the woodwork, either, this mansion is positively infested with them!

The trick is to use your Strobulb flashlight at the ghosts to stop them in their tracks. Before they can react it’s up to you and Luigi to hoover them up using the very latest in ghost hunting equipment, the Poltergust 5000. Watch the number above the ghost’s head tick down and when it hits zero, your spooky foe is no more.

Team up with your best mate to tackle this haunted house arcade game, and along the way you’ll get a chance to solve puzzles and battle monsters. It’s up to you to keep Luigi on the hunt, as we all know he’s not the bravest of plumbers!

This is a great fun game with lots of levels and plenty to keep you interested, and coming back for more. The puzzle-solving is a fun addition and elevates this above the usual shoot-em-up style of gaming. The ghosts aren’t too scary, so the game is suitable for younger players, although tots may find it a bit too spooky. The atmospheric cabinet style of the game makes it totally immersive, so you really feel like you’re in the middle of the mansion (probably with Luigi hiding behind you!).

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