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  • Moto GP Twin game at Magic Planet Burjuman

    Moto GP Twin

    Why should car drivers have all the fun? If you’re into two wheels rather than four, we’ll bet that you’re...

  • Transformers game at Magic Planet Burjuman

    Transformers 55" Theatre Style

    It’s one of the most successful film franchises of modern times, spawning three movies, a million products and some pre...

  • Daytona USA game at Magic Planet Burjuman

    Daytona USA DX

    Get ready for one of the most exciting racing games you can play without having to actually get into a racing car! Daytona US...

  • Jurassic Park game at Magic Planet Burjuman

    Jurassic Park DX

    Welcome to a world full of wonders – and big lizards with a lot of teeth! Jurassic Park takes its inspiration from the...

  • Mario vs Sonic at Rio Olympics game at Magic Planet Burjuman

    Mario vs Sonic At The Rio Olympics

    If you’re not quite ready to represent your country at the Olympics just yet, you can still get all the excitement of w...

  • Baby Air Hockey at Magic Planet Burjuman

    Baby Air Hockey

    You don’t have to be all grown up to play air hockey – in fact, at Magic Planet some of our best air hockey playe...

  • Meteor Storm Hockey game at Magic Planet Burjuman

    Meteor Storm Air Hockey

    If you love your air hockey, you will absolutely adore Meteor Storm. Air hockey doesn’t get much better than this, and...

  • Mario Kart game at Magic Planet Burjuman

    Mario Kart

    That cheeky little Italian plumber and his mates are at it again! Mario Kart has to be one of the all-time top games for both...

  • Luigis Mansion Theatre game at Magic Planet Burjuman

    Luigi's Mansion

    Poor old Luigi – he’s just not as nimble as his brother, is he? He’s also a bit of a fraidy-cat, so you can...

  • Halo: Fireteam Raven game at Magic Planet Burjuman

    Halo: Fireteam Raven

    One of the greatest first-person shoot-em-up games ever created, Halo is an iconic name in gaming and a very easy game to get...

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