Mario vs Sonic At The Rio Olympics at Burjuman

If you’re not quite ready to represent your country at the Olympics just yet, you can still get all the excitement of winning a medal or two with Mario! Team up with everyone’s favourite plumber as he goes head to head with arch-rival Sonic at the Rio Olympics.

Mario and Sonic's coming together for the first time in arcades sees players compete in nine events, including the 100m dash (sorry Mario, but our money’s on Sonic for that one!), the Hammer Throw and Archery. The game takes you to the Olympic Stadium in Rio, where you can choose from a legendary cast of characters including Luigi, Knuckles, Peach, and Tails. Help them run, throw and jump their way to victory!

The booths have twin joysticks so you can go head to head with your friend and see who manages to run, jump, swim and leap their way to the medal platform. Up to four players can compete, and there are medals galore if you manage to beat your rivals.

HD graphics are displayed on huge, 55” screens, so you’re totally immersed in the experience. The crowd will be cheering you on all the way as you work your way through nine challenging events including 100m freestyle swimming and the trampoline.

You’re working with familiar characters, and if you’re a Mario or Sonic fan then we know that this game is going to appeal to you. Because you can play with your mates, it’s a great social event – just as the Olympics should be!

Don’t worry if you get too tired out – you can always pause for a while and then come back for some more Olympic action once you’ve caught your breath. Mario V Sonic at Rio Olympics is so addictive, we’re betting you’ll be going into serious training before heading down to Magic Planet to win those gold medals!

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