Storm Racer Gravity at City Centre Sharjah

Ever wanted to race a supercar through mountain passes? You can with Storm Racer Gravity (also just called Storm Racer G). This exceptional racing game is the sequel to the 2011 release, Storm Racer. That was good, but this is much, much better! The game formula has been enhanced to provide a fast and frantic racing game that feels like Namco’s Ridge Racer, with races taking place through stunning mountain courses. Not only can you genuinely put the pedal to the metal, but you have a boost function and the ability to drift through corners to add an even more exciting dimension to the gameplay. This isn’t your usual ‘round and round we go’ track-style racing game: this is a game for drivers with real skill.

You get a life-size steering wheel to use, which gives you real-time road feedback. So if you hit a corner a little too quickly and go into a skid, you’ll feel the vibrations through the steering wheel. Exceptional graphics that have a frame-rate of 60 frames/second mean there’s no ‘lag’ in the visuals, so you never get ‘pulled out of the game’ by a frozen frame mid-race!

Choose from 12 different tracks, six of which are hidden so you need to work your way through the levels to get to those bonus tracks. There’s a choice of 14 cars in total, again, half of which are hidden so the more you play, the more options you get to really spin some wheels on some of the most incredible mountain tracks you’ve ever seen. As well as the steering wheel you have gas and brake pedals, so this is really much more of a driving experience than the usual car racing games. Storm Racer G is a game for true petrol-heads.

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